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V-Woman Day 16th March 2013

Chrissy teamed up with the presenters of the DKW (Different Kind of Woman) show to host a day of fun and entertainment at Westfield Shopping City, Stratford. It was all about celebrating women and it proved a huge success.

It was certainly a lively day as well as a long one, as it ran from 10am until Westfield closed at 9pm.
The action started with a live song and dance performance by the VYG (Victory Youth Group), sporting crisp white polo tops and looking sharp and cheerful. Shoppers could not help but stop to see what all the energy was about on such a dark and cloudy day.

As the event progressed, passers-by were attracted by live editions of the Chrissy B Show. Chrissy drew attention with a discussion on toxic friendships, and other important issues important in developing good relationships.

Khrystal Williams from Bromley, South London was impressed and added that she now understood what indicates that a friendship is toxic. “That was definitely a great show ” she said. “Women can be very competitive and let down their friends without realising it. When the friendship goes cold, we normally look for someone to blame.” The highlight was the re-launch of Cristiane Cardoso’s book, The V-Woman, (‘V’ standing for ‘Virtuous’) which celebrates femininity in today’s world, where the focus is on equality and women sometimes get a raw deal. It certainly attracted interest as 200 copies were sold.

Throughout the day the shows were interspersed with energising Zumba sessions that had young and old, males and females, all working up a sweat on the dance floor without a care in the world and simply enjoying themselves.

Liliana Santos who won a prize in one of the Zumba sessions said; “This was really exciting. Who knew exercising in a shopping centre could be so much fun, I loved every moment of it.”

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