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My TV show

Chrissy_B_title_cardI have my own TV show called The Chrissy B Show which launched mid 2012. It is the UK’s ONLY TV show dedicated to covering mental health and well-being topics.

The aim is to inform and equip viewers to be more positive in all aspects of their lives. With the help of resident psychologists, I explore all sorts of mental health conditions with advice on how to deal with them.

But we don’t just cover mental health conditions. There’s plenty of content to help you love and look after yourself and be the best you can be. We cover:

  • Nutritional, fitness and medical advice
  • Makeovers, beauty and fashion tips
  • Career and business development
  • Parenting
  • Activities for good mental health & wellbeing
  • Real-life stories

Find out more about the show www.chrissybshow.tv

The shows also feature on YouTube www.youtube.com/ChrissyBShow