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Women’s Convention – September 24th 2011

In sequins and satin, bright colours and heels, ladies from across the UK attended the Women’s Convention.
As some 1,400 women gradually filled the auditorium (some travelling from as far as Newcastle and Glasgow) they were drawn to the entertainment provided, cheering with delight and approval. There was singing, plays and even an open mic session for those brave enough to take the chance and showcase their talent.

Backstage, Chrissy and her co-presenters made final preparations for the main event. As they came on stage the crowd was impressed by their colourful clothing.

The presenters stylishly used the colour spectrum to share the message: “Light is made up of different colours. You need to bring light into your life,” Chrissy said: “We cannot be afraid to face our past. The only way of getting over your past is to bring your past into the open, to take it out of that dark place. Then, you can deal with it and it will no longer haunt you.”

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