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Whatever you expect will happen

“I feel good now, but I know it’s going to come back,” a young woman said to me describing how she was feeling regarding her battle with depression.

In my opinion, it’s just not possible to ever move forward and overcome certain issues in life if you think this way.

I remember as I was gradually recovering from depression, I did have my difficult days. I was getting better step by step, but there were the odd days where it would be harder. But what kept me going was believing in my end goal, EXPECTING to be depression-free, so I continued getting  support and taking positive actions and that’s what happened. What I expected and believed happened. No more depression for 18 years and it will never come back.

If you expect bad things to happen (or to return to you), you will only see negative things around you which will seem like proof that you were right. Those things which had no strength over you are now given power. You don’t see all the positive things in your way, and you kill any strength that was attempting to grow inside of you. Then you feel discouraged and end up stuck in this cycle.

BREAK THE CYCLE TODAY and EXPECT your life to be different from today on. Take positive actions and if you face an obstacle, see it as something that you will fight to overcome and then be strengthened through that experience.

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