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5 steps to deal with new responsibilities & demands

Changes, even for the better, can sometimes cause stress and can lead to mental and physical health issues if not dealt with promptly. Here are some steps that I’ve come up with for myself that I’d like to share with you on dealing with new things in your life.

1. Don’t panic
Remember you are not the first person to be in this situation, and if others found a way of managing so can you – what’s the point of getting flustered?

2. Write down your responsibilities

Write all of them. Then ask yourself, “Can I realistically get all of this done? How? Do I need to delegate some things to others? Do I need to wake up earlier to get some extra time in?” Work out a plan of how those new responsibilities will fit into your life.

3. Postpone/omit some things

If you really have too much on, then there are some things that you won’t be able to do for now, and that’s okay. Whether it’s spending a bit less time with a friend, or not going out to shop but shopping online instead, see where you can make some cuts. Give responsibilities to others and don’t feel bad for that. Who said you have to do everything?

4. Give yourself time

It takes a while to get used to new responsibilities but just because you are finding it hard and maybe struggling a bit, it doesn’t mean you are failing. You are just adjusting and you’ll find that you will get better at it with time. You will find more resourceful and quicker ways of doing things.

5. Ask for help
If you’re really not coping well, you can ask for advice. And by the way, you don’t have to wait till you can’t take it anymore to ask for advice. We should always be open to approach those that are doing well.

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