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“No-one watches your show!”

Being in the public domain as a TV presenter means that you are left open to both positive and negative comments.

I get some lovely emails from viewers, some telling me how much the Chrissy B Show is helping them and how much they love it, others asking for help and advice. I’m also very open to constructive criticism, if for example someone makes suggestions. I welcome this feedback.

But there are those comments that are made for no other reason than to ridicule me and try to put me down. I’ve been called names, been told “You’re old and ugly,” and then the latest one “No-one watches your show!”

How do I react to such comments? Of course, I don’t like being called names or sworn at. But I choose to just ignore them. I have a goal to help others and won’t allow anything or anyone to put me down.

Discouraging words, whether from the outside or from your own head, try to bring fear, try to show you that your goals are impossible, try to make you feel anxious, try to block you from moving forwards. Friends, please don’t fall for the tricks of negativity. We all go through the same battles but the only difference between success and failure is how we react when those voices come. Use them as fuel to push you to do better and greater things.

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