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4 ways to be more positive

We can all feel negative at times and some people even believe that it’s just in their nature to be a bit pessimistic. But there are ways that you can combat your negative thoughts and become a more positive person which will in turn, influence your decisions and your life in general.

1. Learn from negative experiences
Try not to view every negative experience you have as something that wasn’t supposed to happen. There are situations that arise due to things that we do wrong or should have done differently. Things have happened to me where I was left confused – I didn’t understand especially when I was trying so hard to do my best. If you keep thinking ‘this shouldn’t have happened to me’ you will always feel in a low mood, like you’ve been wronged in some way. In my case, though I really didn’t enjoy what I went through, looking back now, I’m glad those things happened because those experiences have made me stronger and wiser and a better person. I value even the seemingly negative things I go through. So the next time you face a negative experience, don’t be so quick to judge, or go along with the story that your mind comes up with. Start to look for the message that lies within that negative experience, as it’s an opportunity to change and grow.

2. Don’t blame anything or anyone
There are some people that make countless excuses for their failures. They blame their parents, their background, even the colour of their skin. Take responsibility for your own life. Perhaps you were indeed born into poverty, or your parents weren’t supportive, or you faced some sort of discrimination. But why is it that other people in the same circumstances make it? So no more wallowing in self-pity. Use your energy to change your future.

3. Throw out negative thoughts
According to inc.com, it takes about 30 seconds of dwelling on a thought for it to enter our deeper consciousness. Be quick to grab those negative thoughts fast and throw them out. This takes you policing your mind and being more aware of what you are thinking. As soon as you detect a negative thought, think the opposite, or say something positive. You will get better at this with practise.

4. Make time for positivity
If you surround yourself and your life with negativity, you will end up being a negative person and this will lead you to a bad place. Try some of these things instead:

  • Mix with positive people, being sure to choose your friends wisely. Cut out negative people from your life wherever you can
  • Use the Internet wisely, for research for example
  • Watch things on TV that are educational instead of tuning in to rubbish
  • Look after your body with a healthy diet and exercise

You won’t become positive just by hoping or wishing to be. It comes at a cost – you need to sacrifice for it but the results are well worth it.

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