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What a horrible morning!

I remember waking up that day, later than what I was supposed to. There I was rushing around like a lunatic, anxious that I was going to miss my train. I didn’t even make my bed, my hair was a mess and I was sure that I’d forgotten to put something in my already heavy handbag.

I ran for the bus, and now I was all hot and sweaty and knew worse was to come, that lovely train journey where I would probably be standing the whole time with my face squashed up against the glass doors because I wouldn’t get there early enough to get a seat. Yes, I was a sardine that day. I was now officially in a bad mood.

Somehow, I got to the office on time but I felt lousy because of the mad rush. I remember stomping up the stairs and ready not to talk to anyone. The most anyone would get was a ‘good morning’ because I wanted to be left alone, I wanted to keep myself to myself. If anyone did a bad job on my team, there would be no mercy. But the more I was thinking that way, the worse I felt.

Then I thought, hang on a minute, why am I letting myself feel this way? I can decide how the rest of my day pans out. Why should I let a bad start ruin the rest of my day? Why should I behave differently with people than I normally do? It’s not their fault. Immediately, I calmed down.

I took a deep breath, pushed my shoulders back and walked into the office confident that the rest of the day would be great, and do you know what? It was. It was because I decided it would be…

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