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My disastrous picnic

I had it all planned. A lovely picnic with my husband in the beautiful countryside on a lovely sunny day. I was so looking forward to it and started preparing the food the day before: Spicy chicken, tuna crunch sandwiches, olives with feta, prawn mayonnaise, salad with sweet cherry tomatoes, octopus in a lovely marinade, followed by creamy strawberry yogurt and some soft chewy cherry cookies. And of course fresh tropical juice and tea. I was so excited and really wanted to impress my husband with all the food I’d prepared.

Picnic day came and I packed everything into my straw basket and off we went. We didn’t have to drive far before we found a lovely spot with breathtaking views.

I opened the car door and breathed in the fresh air. We decided to sit in the car and eat with the car doors open. I proceeded to take out all the food and serve on the picnic plates that I’d brought along.

Just as we started to tuck into our food, I noticed a tiny black dot on my hand. I brushed it off thinking that it was nothing. But then I saw more suddenly appearing on my hands and arms and in my plate, and these dots were moving! I realised that we’d parked right in the middle of a swarm of insects! “Michael quick. Close the doors!” I squealed, almost knocking over my plate of food. We closed the doors, wound up the windows and proceeded to squash whatever insects had gotten into the car. The windshield started to go dark with all these horrible things landing on it.

Somehow, they were still managing to get into the car and we had them in our hair, ears, food, everywhere. I was on the verge of going hysterical and that was the end of our picnic. I couldn’t enjoy anything else of that day before going home, taking off our clothes and having a long shower (again) to get rid of those tiny little beasts.

And these little “insects” can cause alot of stress in your everyday life too. How? Well, when you can’t let go of little things that people say to you, when you hold on to ill feelings, when you feel guilty about something, when you’re unsure about something, etc. small things that you just try and brush off. But trust me, it will make your life miserable if you don’t get rid of them. Do you have to speak to someone to clear the air? Do it. Do you have to confess something? Go ahead. Whatever it is you have to do to get your peace back, do it, because no matter how beautiful a place you are in, no matter who you are with and what you try to do, these little things can take away all your enjoyment, and given the chance, will take over your whole life.

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