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A little tip for sticking to your goals

Most people have goals in life from losing a few pounds, to getting married, to starting their own business. Goal-setting is good for us – it keeps us busy, active and focused on something. But why do many never seem to reach their goals?

In a nutshell, it’s because their goals just seem too far away.

So what’s the secret to achieving them? Do a bit each day, whether it’s 10 minutes a day or an hour a day – It really doesn’t matter – you just need to take a step daily. Always keep your goal fresh in your mind, write it down somewhere where you will see it daily and do something about it today, and then tomorrow, do something again, and so on.

Do you want a new job? How about today, you do a bit of research about what’s out there, tomorrow, you note down a few of the vacancies you’re interested in and then next day, contact one or two of them?

Do you want your relationship to improve? How about today you pay your partner a compliment, tomorrow, you sit down next to him while he’s watching TV instead of spending time online and the next day cook him his favourite meal?

Small consistent steps are far more effective and achievable than large elaborate ones that are few and far between.

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