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  1. Pascal HD. at 10:57 am

    It is just awe inspiring to have seen you on the Chrissy B Show: we lived 12 years in the USA and do have that American grit/can do/positive thinking slants and I can tell you that you are walking your talk in showing people that want to see life holistically and all within their courage thru the tests of life. Your story is quite humbling too! I shall watch your show even more. Thank you for making society an even better one by your ” Godly ” work!

  2. Melanie at 6:02 pm

    Hi Chrissy would you be interested in showing a truly inspiring story how climbing has transformed my sons life.jamie is autistic and has mild learning difficulties and battles anxiety and depression daily.your show would be a great opportunity to show how sport helps with mental illness.have a look at his achievements @autismatheights @eigerparaclimb kind regards Melanie

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